Marie-Anne Chaloupecky

Coach for UXers

Marie-Anne  Chaloupecky

There are 3 main ingredients that contribute to my practice:
– 10 years’ experience in digital content, tech, and more specifically content design
– My coaching practice

Coaching for content designers/UX writers and tech leads:
While I am refocusing my business on a wider accompaniment, it is still a huge pleasure for me to coach content designers and UX writers preparing to take the next step in their career path, as well as tech leads who are new to dealing with the content design/UX writing role.

If you’re a content designer, UX writer or tech lead looking for 1-1 coaching, get in touch and we can look at how to present these sessions to your manager or HR department in order to see if they will cover the costs.

Why Coapi ?! So obvious !